Welcome to
Kuroda Lab.

Our Vision
At Kuroda Lab, we strive to nurture future leaders who are globally active participants of society. We believe leaders are those who are capable of conveying their thoughts and connecting with people with diverse cultural backgrounds and values by first empathizing with them. Through international exchange, we create the opportunity for our students to build cross-cultural friendship and to learn from each other. Our such effort is best exemplified by the KKT Workshop which has been bringing leaders from Japan, China and Korea together for more than 10 years.


Research Overview

Our research focuses on technology for realizing our dream of a future society enabled by integrated circuits. With an aim at creating electronics that is integrated into our society and environment, we develop integration technology based on near-field coupling, energy-efficient computers, smart sensors, artificial intelligence and power electronics. Our goal is to create technology which does not only represent academic advancement, but also has practical industrial application.

Adviser: Tadahiro Kuroda
Ph.D., Professor of Engineering