Research 研究

Research Findings

VTCMOSVariable Threshold-voltage CMOS, 1996

VTCMOS (Variable Threshold-voltage CMOS)
VTCMOS is a low power circuit technology which uses substrate bias effect to dynamically control the threshold voltage (Vth) of a transistor. We can achieve significant power reduction by raising Vth to reduce leakage when the system is in standby, and lowering Vth and the supply voltage when the system is active.
DCT:ISSCC 1996[1] GA:CICC 1996[2] MPEG-4:ISSCC 2000[3]

VS方式Variable Supply-voltage scheme, 1997

VS (Variable Supply-voltage) Scheme
VS Scheme is a low power circuit technology that employs an on-chip DC-DC convertor to dynamically control on-chip supply voltage. By dynamically adjusting the supply voltage in response to changing system performance requirements, we enable optimal tradeoff between operating speed and power consumption.
MIPS3900:CICC 1997[4] MPEG-4 Codec:ISSCC 1998[5]

TCIThruChip Interface,2004

ThruChip Interface,2004
TCI (ThruChip Interface)
TCI is a 3D integration technology that employs inductive coupling between coils created with on-chip metal line patterns for data communication across stacked chips. It realizes the same or better performance as TSV (Through Silicon Via) but at a lower cost. By thinning the silicon chips, we can achieve exponential improvement in cost performance.

Digital Rosetta StoneDRS, 2009

DRS, 2009
DRS (Digital Rosetta Stone)
DRS is an ultra-long retention digital storage technology based on wireless charging and TCI. With DRS technology, digital data is first written into mask ROM on silicon wafers which are then sealed and waterproofed. Data retrieval is realized contactlessly using wireless charging and TCI. It is a proposal of a long-term storage solution necessary for the preservation of our cultural heritage in digital form.

TLCTransmission Line Coupler, 2013

Transmission Line Coupler, 2013
TLC (Transmission Line Coupler)
TLC is a contacless connector technology based on electromagnetic coupling between transmission lines. It enables small and light-weight connector design, high speed data transmission, and improves waterproof property, resistance to vibration, as well as electromagnetic compatibility. When applied to mobile systems and automobiles, it enables system implementation using LEGO block-like modules.